Endian SCORE - An IoT cloud platform to kick-start your connected solution

What is Endian Score?

Building a secure, robust and scalable IoT solution is a complex task. We want to make it less complicated. Endian SCORE is a complte, best-practice IoT cloud infrastructure, enabling you to get started with application development from day 1, without giving up control to a platform vendor. You decide if you want to refine and maintain the platform yourself, or use Endian’s support while building your IoT know-how in-house.

SCORE is Infrastructure as Code (IaC) based on proven Open Source components providing essential IoT Cloud functionality with security deeply ingrained.

Endian Score Components

  • Mosquitto
  • Prometheus
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Grafana
  • Mender
  • InfluxData TICK stack

Technologies Used

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • MQTT
  • HTTP(S)
  • TLS
  • X509
  • SQL

A common IoT cloud solution

The 9 verbs of IoT Cloud Platforms Endian SCORE
SCALE As your business grows, so will your cloud solution. Done right, and from the beginning, cloud resource scaling can be a breeze. Kubernetes
SECURE Secure the data by encrypting all communication links using proven protocols like TLS. TLS
PROVISION Provision your devices to make sure only your devices can connect to your IoT Cloud. Certificate based authentication ensures you know the identity of all devices. X509
COLLECT Collect all device data in a central location to get control of your devices, and enable new business models and revenue streams. Mosquitto, Telegraf, InfluxDB
VISUALISE Visualise sensor data and device metrics to get a quick overview of the status of your device fleet. Grafana
MONITOR Monitor the status of your cloud components by collecting meta data and create rules to act on exceptions, e.g automatically correct issues or notify you of increasing cost. Prometheus
UPGRADE Allow your devices to be upgraded after they are deployed. Patch emerging threats and update your application using a Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) solution. Mender
EXPAND A cloud solution is not complete without your application. Expand the cloud functionality with components required for your specific business case. PostgreSQL, Redis
Javascript, Golang
BACKUP Backup all device and customer data at regular interval to ensure no loss of data in case of server failure.

Our Promise

Get started in days, not months

We find that many customers struggle with technology choices and architecture decisions, delaying the start of IoT development. Endian SCORE is based on best-practice Open Source components and standard protocols that fulfil the needs of a generic IoT solution. With Endian SCORE you can start your development day 1, and deploy your IoT solution in minimum time.

No vendor lock-in

Endian SCORE enables you to decide the amount of control you want, and the amount of support you need from external expertise. Endian SCORE is hosted at a cloud provider of your choice . Based on standard protocols , individual components can be replaced to meet the requirements of your specific IoT solution, with support from Endian should you need it. Our business model is designed to give you flexibility -- you can take full control over your connected solution at any time.

Future proof

The world of technology is constantly changing and it pays to be prepared for this change. Endian SCORE has the necessary components built in to offer security, scalability and flexibility . FOTA (Firmware Over The Air update) allows your devices to adapt to future development and mitigate emerging security threats. Endian SCORE will also scale with your business; cloud resources are easily added as part of the concept.

One stop shop

We want to be your local technology partner and can help with the entire chain from hardware and embedded Linux platform development to build systems and code deployment, from application development to cloud device management. We also provide training for you and your personnel on how to best manage your IoT solution. Do not let yourself in the hands of a remote IoT platform provider, we are here to support as your long-term IoT partner.