We create products and services for a connected world

An engineering firm and development partner focused on Industrial IoT.

Not an ordinary consultancy

Our vision is that any company should be able to develop an IoT solution based in their conditions.

No matter if you are a start-up or belong to an established corporation that sees the opportunities of digital solutions and connectivity, we seek to be the partner you are looking for.

We assist you the whole way from conceptual design to market-ready industrial product or service. We can provide you with world-class expertise along with product- and service platforms to jump-start your new offering, and a business relationship where you keep your indepencence from us as a supplier.

Product development

We develop the electronics hardware, software for embedded Linux or a resource-efficient RTOS, and connect it to your service platform. Our reference platforms with Debian or Zephyr will jump-start your product offering.

Digital service development

We build your cloud with all the services, from sensor to app. Using established open source components, we make sure that you go quickly from business model and pilot to deployed services.

Consulting services

We can also strengthen your organization with on-site developers whenever you need guidance to get started with embedded Linux, CI/CD, or provide some other expertise in the field of embedded systems, wireless technologies, sensors and cloud solutions.

Our platforms are yours

Endian has developed platforms for all parts of an industrial IoT solution. By basing it on ready-made building blocks we can save both time and money for your project.

You will have a truly modern and future-proof architecture, one that you take charge of yourself whenever it's convenient for you. In addition, you always get a process and toolchain, including CI/CD, that will save you huge ammounts for both your project and your development organization as a whole over the entire life cycle of the product or service.


Embedded Linux platform built on Debian/DebOS


Low-power IoT Device Platform based on Zephyr


Open Source IoT cloud infrastructure

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Agile hardware development process with KiCad


Framework for electronics development and testing

From sensor to app

With Endian, you gain access to a team of highly competent engineers and a development process that delivers results. Our expertise ranges from embedded systems to cloud computing.

Electronic design

Embedded software

Embedded Linux

Wireless technologies

Sensor technologies

Cloud computing

Web back-end

Web front-end

App development for Android/iOS

Together with partners in product design, digital design, electronic circuit design and mechanical design, we can undertake production as well as deployment of network-connected devices and IoT services.

Everyone is employee of the month

You are the most important client!

We started 15 years ago as experts at Linux for embedded systems and wireless communications. Since then we have been involved in bringing many successful products to market, including services used by hundreds of thousands. Today, our clients range from exciting start-ups to global leaders within their field; for example marine electronics, medtech, autonomous vechicles, waste management solutions, intelligent power management solutions, electric taxi pods, vending machines.

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Do you want to become an Endian?

If you are into making software work on unusual devices, want to now everything about wireless communication protocols, or love to do business development around connectivity, we’d love to hear from you! We are welcome to apply, so long as you have talent, enthusiasm and commitment. Tell us what you're passionate about and what you will bring to our team!

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Endian helps companies develop smart, connected products. Our expertise ranges from embedded software to the cloud. We make difficult easy. About